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Making a pulse counter with LPTIM4

I'm trying to use the LPTIM4 while in STOPMode2, in a stm32U575ZI-Q microcontroller, as a external pulse counter, and use this pulse value to refresh a LCD screen. For this question I'm only using the usart1 to tell me how many pulses were detected i...

In RM0401 Rev 3 and using the STM32F410, Table 62 page 373 shows that LPTIM can be used as a source trigger for TIM5 (slave). Is this possible?

I've noticed that there does not seem to be a trigger output selection for LPTIM. Is there a default operation I am missing?I've tried making LPTIM as the source trigger for TIM5 for the STM32F410 in the CubeMX IDE but can't seem to get it to work.I...

FArms.1 by Associate II
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LPTIM4 init stuck at REPOK on NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q

Hello together,Aim:Learn how to use the LPTIM on STM32CubeU5 low level device drivers, such that it consumes least possible energy.Write a program that blinks the on board red LED every 1 s (forground loop) using the interrupt mechanism of the LPTIM,...

NNir by Associate II
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HAL �?��?�브러리 버전 최신버전�?서 �?�전 버전으로 변경하고 싶어요

HAL �?��?�브러리 LPTIM 소스 보는�?� �?�전�?는 없었는�?� 최신 HAL �?��?�브러리�? 소스가 새로 �?겨서 ENABLE 하는 부분�?서 TIME_OUT 걸려서 return �?�어서 빠져나가는�?� �?�전 버전�?서는 그 부분�?� 없어서 잘 �?�작했는�?� cubeMX�?서 Firmware Package Name and Version�?서 수정하려고 해�?� 강제로 막혀있어서 수정�?� 불가능 합니다. 해결 방법...

SPark.34 by Associate
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STM32L431 LPTIM2 mode Stop 2

In the datasheet page 25, it is indicated that in mode stop 2 LPTIM2 is frozen. But in STM32CubeMx Version 5.2.0 we can see that LPTIM2 Clock mux can choose LSE so the timer is not frozen. Is there an error in the datasheet?

Mich1 by Associate III
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