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[STM32L412] CubeMX generated LL code for ADC TEMP channel

Hi,I'm using CubeMX 6.11.0 (STM32L4 package version 1.18.0) to generate code for the STM32L412 with LL drivers.My configuration enables the VREFINT and TEMP channels for ADC1.The generated function MX_ADC1_Init() contains the line  LL_ADC_SetCommonPa...

ml512 by Associate
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Resolved! Vbat ADC setting is missing in the new version

Hi, i'm using STM32H750VB and i could previously make the Vbat measurement setting under Analog->ADC3 in the old version of cubemx (6.10), but this option has been removed in the new version (6.11). Also the temperature sensor setting is lost.  Is th...

CubeMX610.jpg CubeMX611.jpg
Eralp by Associate III
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can't install CubeMx6.11.0

Dear ST Partners: I try to install a new version of 6.11.0, but fail for a "path not found" problem. The attach is the error picture.It seems that "STM32CubeMX\Uninstaller\windowscache_clear10.bat" can't find the following cmd's path. echo at Install...

YQ1 by Associate
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Resolved! documentation on STM32 PWM fast mode

Posted on February 08, 2017 at 12:00Hiin cubeMX for any TIM PWM IO I can enable / disable 'fast mode'.What is fast mode?In which pdf document  would I find the description of fast mode, and register address? I am trying to find my way in all the dif...