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Support HiDPI screens

On laptops with 4k displays it is often necessary to use 2x scaling in order to enlarge text for legibility. Most modern software behaves well in this HiDPI environment.Unfortunately ST's apps (such as CubeProgrammer) do not. Text in those apps is ve...

miles f by Associate II
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Hi all, During code development I always keep the Boot0 pin connected to GND (always in boot mode) and I use "Cube Programmer" to load the firmware. I tick the "Run after programming" option. In my code I always enable USART1 receive interrupt.

After the firmware is updated, it gets executed normally. When I want to update the firmware, I send a start or an ampersand to the target board through Terminal program from my PC. My firmware on receipt of this character will enable the WDT and go ...

Resolved! STM32Cube tools and log4j

The impact of log4j vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 for STM32Cube tools has been assessed by the development team, and the tools can be used without risk.STM32CubeMX,STM32CubeIDE,ST-MCU-FINDER-PC The log4j version used is not impact...

I have a question about the external flash loader.

helloI am developing an external flash loader with stm32g070.There is something I don't understand about this.1. Should I use only the internal clock for external flash loader, not the external crystal?2. Can't I use the interrupt?Please reply to the...

lhwa .1 by Associate II
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After programming going to execute not happening. I normally keep the controller in boot mode and load the code either through serial port or USB depending on the controller. In this case it is 103C8 controller. I use STM CUBE Programmer.

I tick the "Run after programming" option. Normally this works fine. User code gets going after programming. I create projects using Cube MX. With latest Cube MX (Version 6.4.0) code, after programming control is not going to user code. I have to now...

Can we use STM32CubeMX without Oracle JRE?

Hi,Since Oracle changed their licensing for their JDK/JRE last year, we have been using OpenJDK so that we do not need to pay for the Oracle release.The only time I have a problem with this on my computer is running STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeProgramme...

andyn_ff by Associate II
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Resolved! About flash size of STM32H743

About STM32H743VGT6Selector of STM32CubeMX show that flash size of STM32H743VGT6 is 1024K.but when i used STM32CubeProgrammer to connect it,that show flash size if 2048K。even the sector from 0x0810 0000 to 0x081f ffff can be erase and program to。so t...

csinu by Associate II
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