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Resolved! Vbat ADC setting is missing in the new version

Hi, i'm using STM32H750VB and i could previously make the Vbat measurement setting under Analog->ADC3 in the old version of cubemx (6.10), but this option has been removed in the new version (6.11). Also the temperature sensor setting is lost.  Is th...

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Eralp by Associate III
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Resolved! [STM32L412] CubeMX generated LL code for ADC TEMP channel

Hi,I'm using CubeMX 6.11.0 (STM32L4 package version 1.18.0) to generate code for the STM32L412 with LL drivers.My configuration enables the VREFINT and TEMP channels for ADC1.The generated function MX_ADC1_Init() contains the line  LL_ADC_SetCommonPa...

ml512 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H753 ADC Clock Prescaler can not be set to 1

I chose STM32H753IIT6 MCU for my project. I had set the clock prescaler of ADC to "Asynchronous clock mode divided by 1", and the ADC clock source is PLL2P, 36MHz.The code was generated successfully. However, I found that the sampling rate is half of...

HCui by Associate II
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Cube MX and ADC4 - Channel not initialised

HII use Cube MX with STM32U585RIT6. When I use ADC4 In3 In4 In9 In22 and In23, the  channel In9 is not properly initialised. I must add this manually :/* USER CODE BEGIN ADC4_Init 2 *//** Configure Regular Channel*/sConfig.Channel = ADC_CHANNEL_9;if ...

Markko67 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U585QII6Q ADC4 Channels

Hello,I'm encountering an issue with STM32CubeMX while configuring the STM32U585QII6Q microcontroller. Specifically, when attempting to configure PD11 to ADC4_IN15, I find that the ADC4 channels are grayed out or inactive.While using STM32CubeMX, I c...

ari_v2 by Senior
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Resolved! How the ADC works in F103RC

I've been confused for days and am unable to make the ADC work on F103RC and have to seek for help.The test consists of ADC1 with 6 channels, an UART for printf and an I/O port that drives an LED. The ADC configuration: The test code: /* USER CODE BE...

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Chao by Senior
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Resolved! ADC multichannel with DMA with more than 8 ADC channel

HI everybody,i am using STM32G0B1 and in an older project i used successful ADC multichannel DMA conversion of 8 channel. I started a multichannel ADC conversion of 8 channel and a ADC callbacksets the finished bit and later on i read the result for ...

Kai4 by Associate II
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