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Question about ADC versus GPIO Analog

Posted on April 03, 2015 at 04:23In STM32CubeMX, when I click on a pin, the following are two of the choices amongst others are presented to me. I want to understand what the difference is between ADC1_IN0 versus GPIO_Analog. I have looked through n...

Resolved! Wrong code generated on dual-core stm32h747, M4 side

I want to generate an interrupt on the rising edge of PI0 on the M4 CPU.Unfortunately, when I program the GPIO With ARM Cortex-M4 pin context assignment, the code generated is as follows in gpio.c: EXTI_InitStruct.Line_0_31 = LL_EXTI_LINE_0; EXTI_...

cberg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! difference between _pin and _gpio_port

In cubeMX, Il gave a user name 'led1_rouge' to PI1.When I go to Keil microvision, intellisense gives me two names : led1_rouge_pin led1rouge_gpio_portWhat is the difference between them ?Jean

MJean.3 by Associate III
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