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MATLAB does not recognize STM32CubeMX

When I try to build and generate code for my model on matlab/simulink I recieve the following error:The call to stm32_make_rtw_hook, during the entry hook generated the following error: getSTM32CubeMxPath:PathNotFound for 'C:\Program Files\STMicro...

Birey by Associate
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About build error in STM32G4 using STM32-MAT

I am trying to STM32G4 with STM32-MAT.After setting the setting I want to use to STM32CubeMX, when I set HRTimer Config on Simulink and created the code, it stopped with the error "Undefined identifier hrtim_adc_trigger3_value_init".I don't know whic...

Resolved! Unable to compile generated project

Hello all,I am having severe issues trying to compile and getting to work a blink LED example on Simulink using the STM32-MAT/Target version 5.6.At first, I was trying the example on the hands on documentation of the STM32-MAT/Target. Which is blinki...

HTeno.1 by Associate II
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Bug: STM32CubeMX code generation for STM32cubeIDE

Hello, I have some problem with the latest version of cubeMX (v6.1.1), it won't create a project file for STM32 (well I would like to use simulink with mat/target before using STM32cubeIDE that's why I use cubeMx and the project work with µvision),th...

SDeha.1 by Associate
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STM32CubeMX: Project generation have a problem

Hello, I am using STM32CubeMX version 4.26.1 and Keil uvision5. For a simple LED blinking example, I have made a model in Matlab/Simulink (both in version 2017b and in version 2018a). However, when I click on "build model" on Simulink, I receive an e...

OYava by Associate
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What is the Problem with my Program? (Using Mat-Target)

@The things i use:Hardware: Stm32F446RESoftware: CubeMX V.5.4 ; Matlab R2019b ; CubeIDE V.1.1 ; Mat-TargetMy Question is: Where is the Mistake in my Programm. I defined the PA5 as a Gpio output because that´s the Output for the LD2 LED on my board wh...

Driko by Associate II
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