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I am trying to get the STM32F0 TSC touch sensing library working, but for some reason after all my initializing and configurations. I get the TSC interrupt to fire, but my counter's always seem to have the max value. I print out the value with USART.

My code is posted below. Whenever I try to swipe my finger across the touch sensor, nothing seems to be read. However, my TSC interrupt handler is  constantly firing and printing out the value from the TSC counter which for some reason is awlays the ...

RWill.2 by Associate
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Resolved! libraries in cubemx not consistent

Posted on May 10, 2017 at 10:44Hithe TSC library built in cubeMX repositories is not consitent.Where do I find the evry latest release?in STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.7.0/  this version is used: V2.2.0 / 01-February-2016in STM32Cube_FW_L0_V1.9.0/ this version...

How to set up a STM32 touch sense project with CubeMX

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 12:21HiI am trying to setup a new touch sense project and have  question:I configured certain pins as TSC, how do I add the the middleware TSC LIb in CubeMx now? For my Nucleoboard L053R8 CubeMX under middlewares doesnt...

How to setup & use touch sensing with CubeMx

Posted on March 04, 2017 at 03:36hello. I am  luis.Recently I use stm32f051x touch sensing feature that setup touch sensing with CubeMx(the latest ver.).but after test touch sensing, I get touch sensing value only '1'.Searching St community, i have ...

luisfynn by Associate
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