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configuration du filtre CAN

Bonjoujr,Je veux configurer la réception CAN en filtrant les messages via le mecanisme FIFO0/1.Je veux filtrer les messages 00000001 et 00000002 via FIFO0 et 00000050 via FIFO1.Je ne comprends pas la logique des données à initialiser via la structure...

ABITT.1 by Associate III
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Bootloader won't branch to application program

Hi,I'm using a STM32G474VET6 with 2x256K flash size.My custom bootloader is located in Bank1, won't branch to application program.The PC counter value won't change when debugging to Jump_To_Application()FYI, when application code is:Optimized HIGH:St...

MAmem.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Dual bank issue on stm32G0B1RCT6

Recently I went from a stm32G0B1RET6 (512kB flash in dual bank) to a stm32G0B1RCT6 (256kB flash in dual bank) and I came across a strange behaviour (at least to me). The Firmware I work on is approximately 180kB in size, which means it can be stored ...

TSÉNA.1 by Associate II
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Issues with Teseo Suite and Teseo VIC3DA EVB

I'm trying to figure out how to configure the device using the NMEA packet scripts available in Teseo Suite. The problem I'm facing is every one of my PSTMSETPAR packets is being met with an error, even when using the example scripts provided.I am re...

ADrag.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! SPI writing - 1 bit off

I have a peripheral I am communicating to using both a Raspberry Pi and also STM32G0B1 (two different devices, two different setups)I am basically trying to reproduce successful communications that the Pi us doing to this peripheral on the STM32 plat...

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