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g051 serial problem

HiI have made a board using the g051k6 chip. I have not been able to receive data from another board sending data at 115200 bd. I connected another serial port to the input pin , and all data is received without errors. A uart problem is mentioned...

kevint1 by Associate
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STM32G0 ADC AWD2/AWD3 does not work

Hello everyone,we have a STM32G070CBT6 microcontroller and we want to use the ADC in the following configuration:Channels: 1,2,3Continuous Measurement, automatically restart at channel 1 after measuring channel 3Transfer measured analog values via DM...

mabe_rs by Associate II
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Resolved! Switch from OctoSPI1 to OctoSPI2

Hello,currently we are successfully using an external NOR flash connect via Hyperbus on OCTOSPI1, ClockPort 1 for some time (~1.5 year).We would like to switch to OCTOSPI2 because we want to use the other address area (0x70000000UL instead of 0x90000...

TNeub.1 by Associate III
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STM32L 32.7680Khz Clock Problem

Hello, after several Years of using the 32L475RET6 with a 12pF 32.7680KHz Crystal and 8.2pF Capacitors we need to change the PCB to a 32L486QG. As to read in the Datasheet both have 5pF Pin Input Capacity. But the new Design (Chrystal about 1.5mm awa...

GJaeg.1 by Associate II
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