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Resolved! De-interleaving DMA output from sequentially configured ADCs

I am using all 3 ADCs on an F765 to convert 16 channels of data at 50 ksps. Each ADC is configured to perform a sequence of conversions (5 on ADC1 and ADC2, 6 on ADC3), all triggered from the same timer. I have also configured them to ping-pong the d...

Nev by Associate II
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Hi, i used t programmed using ST-Link/V2, now my lab has brought a new STLink V3 SET could anyone advise how to programme and flash code using the V3? Can the V3 be use with STM32CubeIDE to program/ flash the code?

PI controller configuration

Hi Team,Is there a way on how to set the value of gains in PI controller for IHM03.Please can anyone help me find the application note for the same.ThanksAkhilesh


We have a dial gauge in the center of the screen and are getting stretched-out images of the dial, What is the solution to keep it in 1:1 ratio?MCU-STM32F750TFT-50 PIN 800X480BIT DEPTH-16BITIDE-STM32CUBEIDE 

ZExpo.1 by Senior
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Resolved! How can I use multiple USB device classes with STM32L4

Hello together,does anyone know how I can implement multiple USB device classes on a STM32?I want to use the CDC so a VCP and the DFU class so I can communicate with my chip and drive an update if needed. I am working with a STM32L452RE.It must be po...

EniRot99 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U5xx: thank you for a really "cool" MCU

Dear STM32 team,I want to thank you, honestly, for a really great MCU chip. Well done.(just as my friendly feedback to you and company)When I say, the STM32U5xx is a really "cool" MCU - I mean two things:It is really cool, in terms of temperature:I a...

tjaekel by Senior
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