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Ho to add own piece of code in to the make file?

It's possible to add my own piece of code to the make file? I'm asking because I've already tried to add it, but after clicking the "Build" button, my code disappears!PS - I want to add "Generate packed filesystem for serving Web UI".

DK.7 by Senior
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Custom usb

Hi Team, I'm using STM32H743 series controller.I want to implement USB Base class on STM32H743. Unfortunately CubeMX will not support it.Any example code which works on Base class- 00h, Sub class -00h and protocol -00h

RJ1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G050C8T6 ADC_IN11: inconsistency in the datasheet?

Hello,According to the datasheet PB7 can be used as  ADC_IN11.Is this an error in datasheet? ADC_IN11 is already used by PB10 and cubeMX doesn't seem to allow me to use PB7 or to remap this pin. How can I use ADC_IN11 on pin PB7 as mentioned in datas...

AHame by Associate II
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Hi all,I´m new to STM32 and just recently bought an STM32H747I-DISCO. I needed one with a touch screen for a project. I was going thru the examples and got the LCD DSI SingleBuffer to work but was having problems with the JPEGDecodeFromFLASH DMA. I u...

JL3 by Associate
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SETAASA command I3C

Hello!I have an i3c target device which has a static address, datasheet says I need to send SETAASA command to start communicating with the device.I tried doing, #define SETAASA 0x29#define STATIC_ADRESS 0x47I3C_CCCTypeDef aSET_AASA= { /*Target...

kvganesh by Associate
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SPI DMA is not workng at higher SPI baud rates

Hi,My NUCLEO-H563ZI application uses SPI with DMA. The SPI transactions are not working at clock/2 clock/4 and clock/8 rates, clock being 250 Mhz. Is there any clock frequency restriction when SPI is used with DMA? 

WCarey by Associate III
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IEC60335 SelfTestLib

In our legacy STM32f103 project a ST library named "Self Test Library" is used. It has version 1.0, dated 10/01/2007. That library is certified according to IEC60335. I found it in an archive named, but I have no idea if that's the origi...