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U5 Website claim: 16.3 μA/MHz Run mode @ 3.3 V

Under what conditions is the U5 website and datasheet claim "16.3 μA/MHz Run mode @ 3.3 V" reached? I do not see anything as low as that in the datasheet and it is far lower than e.g. the U0 claim "Run mode (LDO mode): 52 μA/MHz". Clarification welco...

Choosing right CPU in STM32

Hello, I would like to ask you as a beginner in STM32 what product (the best case is the product that is possible to buy with Nucleo kit) I should target to for the application I will describe here:I need to use two ADC channels with 1 MHz each and a...

Timer reset using RCC

The problem: if TIM2 is used prior to my code, then it gets stuck at a certain point, even though all the registers are properly set.* Here is the configuration of TIM2 registers when it works fine:(gdb) x/21 $TIM2_BASE0x40000000: 0x00000001 0x000000...

0xfab by Associate II
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Bootloader choice

I have a STM32F405RGTG MCU and want to load a bootloader on it. I am using UART and I2C and want to program it via USB-C. How do I chose the right bootloader? Does ST have original bootloaders I can use? Thank you.

Resolved! usb otg voltage level shifter

hi ,i gone through usb pcb guidelines and other forum discussion but i couldn't catch my doubt .1). Incase of Using USB Virtual Com Port D+ (PA12) & D - (PA11) pin can be directly connect with Computer USB port  without level shifter ??? During the  ...

MMARI1_0-1713601726547.png MMARI1_1-1713602790786.png MMARI1_2-1713603479534.png
MMARI.1 by Senior
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Resolved! CRC32 MPEG2 configuration for ST32C0x1 CRC driver

HiI'm trying to understand how to configure the hal/peripheral to evaluate the CRC32 MPEG2 over a block of datas.I'm comparing the result with this site where as input I've used the vector 0x01, 0x01. Expected result is 0xD66FB816

STDoom by Associate II
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