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how to choose stm

Hi guys- help with microcontroller selection- my need is that the microcontroller can handle receiving a lot of data- for example in 1s there will be 90 devices broadcast to the microcontroller, and the microcontroller will send data to tcpserver- so...

STM32G030 BOOT0 Pin not working

I'm currently developing with STM32G030K8T6 (Rev 1.1). I want to use PA14 as BOOT0 pin. So, I set option byte nBOOT_SEL as 0 using STM32CubeProgrammer (nBOOT0, nBOOT1 both option byte are set to 1). But BOOT0 pin not worked. So, I also set PA14 GPIO ...

JLee1 by Associate II
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DAC DMA transfer size more than 65535?

My board is NUCLEO-H723ZG which has 1 DAC 2 channels built-in.I actually want to transfer 2 arrays with 150,000 elements each in each DAC channel, but it is limited by the DMA size of 65535.So, I have divided that array into 6 parts for example I_dac...

AMagk.1 by Associate II
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Problem receiving with stm32f769i-disco

Hi, Haven't been here in a while, about 15yrs, ha! I dug out the subject board, STM32f769i-disco that I've used a number of times years ago. I built some code using the new cubemx, compiles fine in the new IDE. I can send data, but it just doesn't...