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Timer triggered DMA doesn't work

I want to sample GPIO state twice per millisecond with DMA.I used TIM16 as basic counter - setting TIM16 CR1 register to 1, ARR to 32000 (half milisecond) and TIM16 DIER register to enable DMA on update (bit 8).Timer is checked to work fine. DMA doe...

WojtekP1 by Associate III
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Are there small packages with OSC-In/Out pins?

Been browsing through the Lxxx and Gxxx STM32 MCUs and found that all variants I checked on hat the OSC-In and OSC-Out pins available only with 48 pin and higher packages.Is this a general rule, or are there MCUs with small package (preferably TSSOP...

b.a. by Associate III
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Resolved! Debug STM32L072 using ST-LINK/v2?

I am rather new to STM32. Ιn my project, I am using an STM32L072KZU6 and I want to debug the firmware using the ST-LINK/V2-ISOL. I connected both SWDIO and SWDCLK pins to pins 7 and 9 of the ST-LINK/V2-ISOL, along with +3.3 V on pin 1 and ground on p...

0693W00000aINKGQA4.png 0693W00000aINO1QAO.png 0693W00000aINP4QAO.png 0693W00000aINQHQA4.png
GMeta.2 by Associate
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Wrong ADC values. Why?

Target: STM32L031C6T6editor: SMT32CubeIDE using HALI getting crazy soon. I cannot get this ADC to read correct. I think I missing something important. I googled and googled again and again.I have two voltage on two separate channels (7 & 8). 6.9V and...

Haddock by Associate III
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getStorageStructure API function unresolved

I was trying to use the getStorageStructure API function inside the example program which is supplied with STM32CubeProgrammer. The Visual studio solution I was trying to change, inserting the call to the getStorageStructure, is the STM32CubePrgAPI. ...

FValm.1 by Associate III
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