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Resolved! STM32U5 ADC differential input polarity issue - RM0456 error

I think RM0456, section 33.4.7 may be wrong describing ADC differential input polarity:"When channel “i” is configured in differential input mode, its negative input voltage is connected to VINN[i-1]."According to Figure 218 and my tests the opposite...

RM0456 ADC bug A.png RM0456 ADC bug B.png
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Too high timeout value in HAL driver

Hi,I would ask about timeout value in HAL driver in flash module. There is set as 50 seconds. It's big value relative to embedded environment. There is any reason of this value? In context of option byte feature, how value i can accept? 1 ms, 100 ms?...

STM32F303 actual samples per second from ADC

Hello! I am trying to figure out my sampling time from my ADC. The setup i have:A number of ADC:s setup with a DMA. All ADC has the same sample time, set to 19.5 ADC cycles. All ADC is 12 bit, so from my understanding, we have 19.5 + 12.5 = 32 ADC cy...