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Hello, I need instructions for implementing TouchGFX functionality on STM32H750VBT6 Weact chip without enough FLASH memory space. I would like to use QSPI W25Q128 memory at 0x90000000. I would like a sample usage file. or video tutorialI can follow t...

non by Associate III
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STM32F765VGT6 -

Hi Experts , If the MCU getting failed at stepper motor current position and output readings were in out of range . What will be the possible root causes for this particular failure at stepper motor end ? Our FCT report attached for your reference an...

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Resolved! FDCAN bootloader on UFBGA169 STM32H743AI

Hi,App note AN2606 says I should use FDCAN1_Rx pin PH14 (similary Tx pin) to be able to use FDCAN bootloader but selected package UFBGA169 doesn't have such pins.Can I use default FDCAN Pins to work with bootloader?

DrDro by Associate III
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Broken Open Drain

Hi,I have a defect on the I2C on a STM32L151CBU6A SDA Pin (PB9). Every external component beside a 4.7k pullup resistor has been removed.The system is running on 3.6 V and if I just let the pin toggle in Push/Pull configuration I am getting a clean 3...

v_g by Associate
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STM32H753 with ADIN1200 LAN driver

I'm trying to interface ADIN1200 LAN driver with STM32H753. CubeMX BSP package supports LWIP library for LAN8742 driver, I see that there are some differences in configuration of both the LAN drivers but not very clear which part in the drivers to be...

AShel.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Supply Voltage for Sensors STM32F407VG

I am working on stm32f407vg as the mcu for my mobile robot. I use encoder and limit switch sensors and supply it by 5v from lipo battery (through 5A step down converter). stm32 keep overheating the longer i use it. Is it because i supply the sensors ...

syifnrl by Associate II
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STM32H753XI MCU with W25Q512 in dual flash mode

Hello,I'm using STM32H753XI MCU with two W25Q512JV(its 64Mb) in dual mode, the nCS and data lines are separate, Clock line is same. I've configured the QUAD SPI in dual flash mode as mentioned in AN4760. I'm trying to read the sectors from first flas...

AShel.1 by Associate III
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RTE_Device vs CubeMX

I am wondering about the state of mcu configuration options.In the past we have exclusively used RTE_Device (Framework classic) to configure devices and over the years we have built our own libraries on top of this system.Although I like the look of ...

Jvan .19 by Associate II
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