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problem with Internal comp in STM32G4

Hi,I have a problem with the demoboard EVSPIN32G4 and also a motor control board using the STM32G431. The overcurrent detection using internal comparator triggers below the theory (10A insteand 100A for example). I tried to use as voltage reference V...

tmaun.1 by Associate II
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Question about DMA Peripheral Address Increment

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 09:48I see there is a option to increment a peripheral address after after a DMA peripheral-to-memory transfer. I'm curious to know what the purpose of this is. I can see the usefulness of incrementing the memory pointe...

Re: Question about DMA Peripheral Address Increment

Hi, This might seem a bit off topic but I really don't know where to raise this question. I didn't find any relevant discussion elsewhere.I'm trying to use dma driven i2c and want to enable peripheral address increment in order to read consecutive re...