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RTC Losing time after power restart

Hello all,I am working on RTC of STM32F401RC. I have connected a new CR2032 battery to VBAT.My problem is that when I restart the power I lose time. I have disabled the calendar generation and setting time manually so there is no possibility of time ...

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KBhon.1 by Associate III
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I2C & SPI not working together (STM32F303K8)

Hi, I am trying to simply output information from an I2C device (DS1307 real time clock) to an SPI screen (ST7789) I have tested the code & libraries for the separate devices and they work but as soon as I try adding any SPI commands to the main.c th...

Linkpad by Associate III
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hello, USART read doesn't work on nucleo board.

I am using stm32u575zit6q. I set Baud Rate 2500000bit/s.(my equipment is only support 2500000bits)usart write is work successful, but read is not.usart read work only 9600bit/s.How do I use the read to work over 9600baud rate? 

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Dinggo by Associate II
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Resolved! When will the SPI_SR_RXNE bit be set to 0?

I'm using SPI on STM32F407VGT6 This is the code I use to check the state of the SPI_SR_RXNE bit:This is the code for the LIS3DSH accelerometer, when I send data to the accelerometer in response the accelerometer sends data to the Microcontroller.This...

MMust.5 by Senior II
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Read data from PC to STM32 via USB CDC

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 06:02 I am working on a project. One of the part is exchanging data between PC and MCU(STM32F4) via the USB CDC. Sending data from STM32 to PC is very easy, but there is difficulty receiving data from PC. ...

rwmao by Senior
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Resolved! CRC_POLYLENGTH_16B undeclared in STM32F030CCTx

In `STM32F030CCTx` I need to set the CRC in 16-bit length by calling HAL_CRCEx_Polynomial_Set(MATRIX_UART_settings->crc, CRC_POLY, CRC_POLYLENGTH_16B); but the compiler shows the error : 'CRC_POLYLENGTH_16B' undeclared (first use in this function) in...

Soad by Associate
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Resolved! STM32L4 - internal routing of opamp output to ADC

I'm trying to use the internal op-amps of an STM32L471 to amplify a small current-sense voltage before measuring it via ADC. This figure from the relevant product training resource shows an internal arrow labelled "ADC," coming from the op-amp output...

oscarw by Associate II
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