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Extracting rssi from scanned packet.

Hi,I need to get the RSSI of scanned BLE packet. So I'm using le_advertising_event .I found some one used the following code for that purpose.rssi1 = le_advertising_event->Advertising_Report[0].RSSI;but in the struct they mentioned that /* WARNING: b...

Kryptons by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC configuration of outpot ALRM

Hello st community,I work on stm32h7, and I use with RTC output alarmA, when the MCU power supple turned off, and RTC work with VBATT to wakeup some component with this signal, but this component needs any pules to wakeup and not woke up with first e...

dToub.1 by Associate
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Resolved! fast consecutive ADC Sampling for large chunk of data

Hi Everyone, in my previous posts i pretty much beat the bush around this subject and i did get some good supportbut i keep getting stuck with this using STM32H743ZI2 Evaluation board set to 32Mhzthe ADC is 16 bits and running on "fast chann...

shahaf321_1-1707384861260.png shahaf321_0-1707384421185.png
shahaf321 by Associate III
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Resolved! Contradiction in Reference Manual RM0394

There is an inconsistency in RTC shadow register update frequency description. Some places in text mentions that shadow register update happens once every RTCCLK period:34.3.5, 36.3.4: "Every RTCCLK periods, the current calendar value is copied into ...

Resolved! stm32h7 with integrated usb hs phy

is there a way to search for which stm32h7 mcus have integrated HS usb phy?the mcu finder product selector doesn't have such filter, is there an app note, a product brief or anything like that?How is one supposed to find such a controller? (besides m...

Resolved! spi problem communication STM32F103c8t6

Hello, i have a problem with my spi communication i don't recieve the information from the slave to the master Master configuration :Slave configuration : I want to receive how many time my led blink and i want to write it on my lcd screen. But every...

master.png masterclock.png spislave.png spiclock.png

Bit SCUEN of PWR peripheral of STM32H7

We don't understand the bit SCUEN of STM32H7. The description is not very clear:   Could you explain what SCUEN means and if the software is supposed to write or read this bit and why ?

Gpeti_0-1707468529159.png Gpeti_1-1707468601674.png
Gpeti by Senior II
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STM32F401 Firmware Update via Wiznet W5500

Hi,For a project I am using a Wiznet W5500 ethernet chip with STM32F401RET6 MCU to exchange data via HTTP over ethernet with a Windows/OSX software application. The W5500 handles the ethernet communication and speaks to the STM over SPI, which all wo...

EVE by Associate
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