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STM32U575 Reference not working?

I'm using an STM32U575 chip with a couple of it's peripherals. I'm trying to get the ADC1 working. It's currently sampling a few pins, but when I read the data, it seems to always be 4095 (max value). Looking into it further, the VREF+ pin is sitting...

sethkaz by Associate III
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STM32H743 POWER without LDO

I have designed a board based on STM32H743VGT6. This package doesn't have LDO PIN. Which item in CUBEMX i have to choose for power supply? Do I have to connect voltage to VCAP pins?

Mozh by Associate
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Web UI on STM32

HeyI want to make a product with WEB UI . My goal is product that will connect to my internal network and I want to be able open a browser on my computer and write the IP of the product, I will connect to its web page and I can control it.I would app...

TOsso.1 by Associate II
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STM32L452CC SPI send wrong data

Hi, Its my first post. Im trying a STM32L452 and IIS3dwb on SPI2 (SPI2_CLK on PB13). When I send the WHO_AM_I command, the SPI2_MOSI send only 0x0F instead 0x8F (0x0F OR 0x80). SPI2 setup is CPOL = High, CPHA = 2 Egde, 8 bits, MSB First, Baud Rate = ...

fmaesso by Associate
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How to keep HSI running in STOP mode?

Hello support team.I'm using the STM32L011D4P, I configured the MCO output to repeat the HSI oscillator output divided by 16 and have a 1 MHz signal. With the help of an oscilloscope it is possible to identify a 1 MHz square wave.In the datasheet, I ...

The MCU requires NRST to be toggled after power on

Hi all, I have a problem with a new version of an existing PCB using the STM32F334C8T6 microcontroller.Known working code is loaded onto the new PCB, power is applied and the MCU starts up the clock and then seems to sit idle. If the NRST pin is then...

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RobertK by Associate II
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