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STM32F0 Discovery board

Hi,   I am new to work on STM32F0RB discovery board to get update the FW through UART/USB port. If any one have the idea to work on this please give me the solution.   Thanks, Shashi Shekhar

Resolved! STM32H723VG using Timer outputs as GPIO Output

Hi community!I have a STM32H723VG and I use Timer1 on that device to generate complementary PWM Outputs (Chx + ChxN) on channel 1-3 plus a 1-channel PWM on Channel 4. When the PWM is not needed, I have to set the output pins of the timer either high ...

CBerg by Senior
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STM32C011 System/Open Bootloader

Hello,I'm using an STM32C011 for a product we are developing, and I want to use ST's default System/OpenBootloader (via UART) that the virgin chips have on board. That way in production we don't have to download our custom bootloader, and we'll use t...

32H563Zi can't work in VDD=1.8V?

Hi, Sir: Currently using H563ZI (MB1404C) to develop programs.When VDD=3.3V, MCU works normallyWhen VDD=1.8V, the MCU functions abnormally (USB function fail), but the specification indicates that it can support VDD=1.8V. Where should I set this on t...

CRS SYNC setup with LSE and CubeMX puzzle

I try to setup CRS SYNC setup with LSE using the latest CubeMX.It appears that when CRS SYNC with Source LSE is selected, LSE does not get initialized unless RTC is active as well and its clock source is set to LSE. E.g crystal drive level option doe...

RCC-A.png RCC-B.png RCC-C.png
TDJ by Senior III
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Compatible SDIO voltage translator for STM32F413

Hi,We are designing STM32F413ZHJ6 at 1.8V and are looking for a suitable level translator to 3.3V for the on-board microSD connector. I'm considering NXS0506UP or NVT4858. Just wondering if these parts would be compatible with the STM32? Any suggesti...

Thai by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H5 Need bootloader pins

As per errors in AN2606 and this thread I need the correct pins that STM32H563/STM32H573 use for USART1/2/3 and FD-CAN bo...

MBC by Associate III
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