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Sleep Mode on STM32L100.

Hi,I am new to stm32 and i am trying some stuffs out. I am trying out the low power modes and to be exact the Sleep Mode. My Questions are for a better Understanding.I have read the data sheet on how to implement it and i have the follwoing questions...

STM32H7 supports 802.1Qav?

Hi,Checking the TRM for STM32H7 (RM0433) I see that in section 57.1 the following is listed as standards supported by the STM32H7:802.1-Qav-2009However I see no references to tx queues or traffic shaping etc.Does the STM32H7 support any 802.1-Qav-200...

graffiti by Associate III
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startup_stm32f091xb.s or ...xc.s - External interrupt #32 (USB) is missing in startup codes

...               DCD    USART2_IRQHandler             ; USART2               DCD    USART3_8_IRQHandler           ; USART3, USART4, USART5, USART6, USART7USART8               DCD    CEC_CAN_IRQHandler            ; CEC and CAN__Vectors_End...​

JuM by Senior
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Can i get educational materials?

Hi,My name is SUNG JUN PARK in koreaFirst, Thank you for STM community in korea .​now i really take helps in curriculum I took the following courses.following   -ST Basic 12/7/2018ST Expert 13/9/2018​However, it seems that my co...

SPARK.71 by Associate
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Code struck at Reset_Handler

I am using STM32 Nucleo lauchpad for STM32L496ZG ,, everything compile correctly but when i try to run and debug , it seem to hang at the Reset_Handler part.FYI : I am running ChibiOS on top of it.

lyong.16 by Associate
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Resolved! Is there any specific hardware connection for ADC signal to setup for a AC signal ? My code works with a potentiometer but not with AC signal (updated with image), Solved

I am trying to convert a signal from accelerometer to a digital value. The output coming from accelerometer is in mv so I have added a non inverting voltage amplifier, then too I am getting a dc voltage at the output of opamp so I have added two capa...

Apill by Senior
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STM32F413 I2C. ACK from slave is not recognized.

Hello everybody,I am having an issue when I try to establish a communication with the NFC chip M24SR64 via I2C. After I have sent the address (0xAC), the flag AF is set, indicating that the ACK of the slave was not read. However, I can see the ACK fr...

JSaez by Associate II
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