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STM32F4 RFID using HAL library

HiI need to use RFID with an stm32f4 controller. By using RC522 library it is not working for me can anyone tell that is there is any library available for it or is i have change anything RC522 library.

AChan.15 by Associate II
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stm32f446 waking from UART in STOP mode

I am putting board into STOP mode for saving power. From the manuals the board can be woken up from STOP by EXTI interrupt. Is it possible to waking it up by UART by configuring it as EXTI interrupt on Rx pin. If yes how can I achieve this?

PToma.14 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F427 I2S with DMA - noise - not audio

I don't use libraries.I got I2S working by polling. Below was my test. I had an array of 16 bit signed words for a tone of 1khz. The I2S pins from the MCU feed a an external DAC and produces a very nice tone.  RCC->APB1ENR |= RCC_APB1ENR_SPI3EN...

Joe.H by Associate III
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Changing PWM during runtime using timers

Went through examples of Nucleo -L073RZ eval board for PWM outputIt generates four PWM waves using Timer 2 channel 1 ,channel2 ,channel 3,channel 4at 50%,25%, duty cycle . So the pwm duty cycle is fixed.but i have a fan pwm connected to T...

SA.17 by Associate III
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Currently im working on STM32F103R8 and im trying to create delay using TIM3 ,the following is my code but i didnt get perfect output.Please someone kindly help me to overcome from this.

#include "stm32f10x.h"void init();void Timer_delay();void main(){ init(); Timer_delay(); while(1) {  while(TIM3->SR & 0x0001)/*Check the TIM3 update interrupt occurs or not*/  TIM3->SR = 0x0000;/*Remove TIMx update interrupt flag */   GPIOA->BSRR^=0X...

Sm.16 by Associate II
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