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Using UART and I2C on the same pins

Associate III

Hi, I'm using Nucleo-L432KC board and I've got quite a few devices plugged in to it already. And I need to add another device using UART, but I'm using UART2 for debug output already and I2C1 (which always shares pins with UART1) for a couple i2C devices.

So my question is - Is it ok to put UART device with I2C devices on the same line (bus)? If I communicate with my I2C devices infrequently enough could occasional UART transmission on the same line make them malfunction? Or maybe that's complete lunacy...

Thank you for any suggestions.


you can use sda line for whatever you want as long as scl is low. that's safe. find another pin.

Seems like a bad plan, I2C device likely to get confused, have pattern sensitivity

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