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How to use 2 gpio interrupts on same EXTI2 line

Hi ,I have connected switch to PC2 and PD2 (the are acting as gpio input),after trying to generate initial code using cubemx found that these two pins are on same gpio interrupt EXTI2 line , so cubemx is not allowing to have interrupt on both pins,is...

SA.17 by Associate III
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Documents - do you agree?

I wonder how many of you agree with me about the needed documents when playing with STM32s?I'd say, one needs 3 documents:the data sheets of your devicethe reference manual of your devicethe ARM Architecture Reference Manual of your deviceThose cover...

Problem with I2C, don't receive ACK

Hey guysI'm using a STM32H743ZIT6 on a Nucleo-144 Dev Board and want to communicate with a BME280 Sensor.For this I'm using a library recommended by somebody else and when I begin the I2C transmission the chip sends the correct address, however, the ...

NC??l by Associate
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Resolved! Timer doesn't work (STM32F767 + TIM3)

Hello. I have this init TIM3:void Start_Timer_3(void) { LL_TIM_InitTypeDef TIM_InitStruct;   LL_APB1_GRP1_EnableClock(LL_APB1_GRP1_PERIPH_TIM3);   NVIC_SetPriority(TIM3_IRQn, 3); NVIC_EnableIRQ(TIM3_IRQn);   // 50MHz clock // 1000 Hz, up...