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STM32F427 - Calculating VDD from VREFINT - questions

The documentation states that when measuring the CPU's temp, that VREFINT should be used to acquire better accuracy if powered by a battery. So I intent to use VREFINT to determine what the CPU's VDD is without outside components.That's the plan - bu...

Joe.H by Associate III
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In STM32H743zi can HRTIM be used as Time Base generator?

Hi ,I need to toggle a GPIO to create a clock pattern for as much as high frequency as possible , So currently using TIM5 and on overflow callback I toggle the GPIO. The generated clock pulse is around 25 us pulse width, I want to decrease pulse widt...

RSrin by Associate
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Did we discuss STM32 in SO8 yet?'s the same trick as in the STM8s in SO8 - several IO pads bonded together on...

i2c problem

here is the read 16 bytes register codeuint16_t TMP_ReadConfReg(void) { __IO uint16_t RegValue = 0;   /* Enable LM75_I2C acknowledgement if it is already disabled by other function */ I2C_AcknowledgeConfig(LM75_I2C, ENABLE); /*---------------...

Microsecond delay using Timer in stm32l0

I have tried below code for generating the microsecond delay for the stm32l0, but its not myTicks = 0;********//Enabling The timerrRCC->APB1ENR |= RCC_APB1ENR_TIM2EN;      TIM2->PSC = 0;      TIM2->ARR = 72;      TIM2->CR1 |= TIM_CR1_URS;...