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Resolved! HAL_DMA_Start_IT - CALL back

hi,DMA setting is in NORMAL mode i am getting output GPIO-C Port  via tim2_up .HAL_DMA_Start_IT(&hdma_tim2_up, (uint32_t)pixelclock, (uint32_t)&(GPIOC->ODR), 2);it's working fine but i need to enable call back once data is  transferred  .the followin...

MMARI.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Timer frequency is way off

My STM32F303RE is running with an 8MHz crystal feeding into HSE:Using TIM4 I want to generate 700 interrupts per second, but I only get 318.As can be seen TIM4 runs at 64MHz and the following configuration should trigger about 318 interrupts:Using th...

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NRumm.1 by Associate III
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reseting STSPIN32G4

Hello!I’ve been working with STSPIN32G4 for while with low voltage (9V), it works goodI set 24V and have problems with nFaults, it being set, meaning that driver is turned off, although no fault is indicated, status register: 10001000D3 Indicates if ...

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Tomuello by Associate II
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STM32F USB High speed real throughput

Hi,we have developed a board with a low resolution camera interface using an STM32L0xx MCU.Now we want to use an HD camera and for this we have a module supporting USB2.0@30fps of 1920H x 1080V frames on USB, so it is really important to use a USB HS...

STOMPOU by Associate II
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STM32H750 RAM configuration

I am looking into RAM support for the SMT32H750 series chips for my future projects.The STM32H750 series chips support 16-bit data bus as well as 32-bit data bus configuration. This mode is selected on startup, as far as I can tell.If I were to use t...

etamarin by Associate II
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Resolved! ADC sampling rate checked by callback

Hello,I am using a NUCLEO-H743ZI2.I read the reference manual RM0433 Rev8.I also read a bunch of topics in the forum but didn't find what I wanted. I am trying to check my ADC sampling rate by looking at the timestamp at my half full/full callback fr...

ADCclock.png formulaFadc.png ADCconfig.png ADCdoc.png
Kévin by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G0 - G0B1RE GPIO MOD REGISTER not enabled

Hi, I use STM32Cube IDE, and use STM32G0 - G0B1RE device. I try to enable the mod register to blink the LED here is the code that i try so far, based on the Reference Manual (rm0444), I need to enable RCC_IOPENR before modify the GPIOx_MODER. But unf...

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dx7 by Associate II
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