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Writing and reading QSPI Flash on STM32F746G DISCO

I created my application using the CubeMX. Here are my read and write routines, my QSPI initialization routine, and while loop. I am using the USB to display what is read from the QSPI flash memory. I am writing a string to the memory, but when I rea...

STM32 ADC sample rate

Hi, I'm using adc single channel with interrupt. the sample time is set as 56 cycles, and the adc clock is (108MHz/4=27MHz). So the sample rate is 27MHz/(56+12)=397KHz. I also using DAC to generate a sinewave with the frequency of 1KHz. If what I cal...

0693W000003RduYQAS.png 0693W000003RduTQAS.png
Jshan.1 by Associate
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STM32F4 Center aligned pwm timer

I configured timer1 for pwm generation center aligned like below in cube ide.I update duty cycle writing directly CCRx register asyncronously in the code.Most of the time pulses are effectively center aligned but sometimes not (nor left or right ali...

0693W000003RkwqQAC.jpg 0693W000003Rkv9QAC.jpg
BRaff by Associate
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ADC only 4Msps?

Documentation say ADC have max 4Msps, but it refer olways to 60MHz to adc (60MHz * 15 cycle = 4Msps) but manual say ADC max frequency is 170MHz, then 170MHz * 15cycle = 11Msps.This clock is different from Fadc (aka adc kernel clock)?

MSzaj.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! TIMER OC output using LL

I ran timer OC mode on PA8 (TIM1_CH1) on STM32f407VGT6 using HAL and it works fine. Then I decided to set up it by means of LL and there is not any output on PA8. I checked my code with Example_LL projects of STM32F411RE-Nucleo in ST F4 repository. I...

MTros.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743 FDCAN Message RAM Configuration

There are several FDCAN peripheral registers on the STM32H743 that hold the starting address of various elements used for FIFOs and filters. Are these addresses relative to 0 or to the physical address of the FDCAN message RAM (0x4000AC00)? The Refer...

jerry2 by Senior
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