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Resolved! Pin toggling speed on STM32G031

The MCU is STM32G031J6 on a STM32G0316-DISCO board.The maximum software pin toggling speed I am able to achieve is about 0.7 us.It looks a bit slow for a M0+ running at 48 mhz.Looking at listing file, there is no library overhead (I am using LL).Can ...

cp19 by Associate II
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Resolved! Generate single pulses based on capture event

Hello In my project I want to use timer4 of STM32G474RET6 MCU. I want to generate single pulses with programmable width on CH2-CH4. These output pulses from MCU should be with programmable delay from input pulse connected to CH1. Pulses on CH2-CH4 sh...

AlexHalf by Associate III
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Resolved! Difficulty getting 16MHz HSE started

Hi all,I am testing a new dev board I designed to use a 16MHz crystal for the HSE. Been scouring the forums for a few days trying to find potential flaws in my design and/or solutions to no avail.The MCU in question I am working with is the STM32F407...

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STM32: DCMI sends unreadable data to terminal

Hi Community! I managed to communicate between the STM32-L4A6 (Nucleo-L4A6ZG) and the OV5640 camera module. I can read the camera's ID, set its modes, and even get image data. But there's a problem: the characters in the data I receive turn into unre...

nicola3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Capacitive touch sensors with STM32L4+ series

Hello everyone,I plan to use an STM32L4R7xx MCU in a project and I want to employ capacitive touch sensors. I've read that the TSC module can assist with this, and I should only design the buttons on the PCB. However, I've also read that water and hu...

WPazH by Associate II
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Resolved! Possible to increase RAM_D1 domain size?

Hi All!I am working with a STM32H723ZG. As shown in the pictures below this is the memory layout. However is it possible to increase the size of the RAM_D1 domain by reducing another domain? If yes, which domain/RAM can I take memory from to increase...

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elso by Associate III
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SMB Alert on STM32F746NGH6TR

Hi,I'm trying to use a SMB alert on a STM32F746NGH6TR. Interestingly, the corresponding interrupt is not getting triggered. I already figured out that the interrupt works if I put the signal on PA9, but it doesn't work on PH9. I already checked for b...

DMA only working once

Good day,I'm trying to control this RGB leds N-PI55TATDatasheet I'm using an STM32H753VIT6To do that I have to create a fairly fast burst of data with pulses of 0.6, 0.3  and 0.9 us.To achieve this I set timer 7 to have an update even every 100nS the...

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BRapo.1 by Associate
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