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STM32F411 SPI Flags Trigger Too Early

Hello all-Working with the SPI peripheral on the STM32F411VET6, we need to connect to a device that sadly requires the CS line to toggle with every byte sent.  Just about every example code runs along the logic of "write to the SPI data register and ...

Eqqman by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L5 System View Description

The system view description files for H5 and U5 are on the website, but it is not for L5 ( Where can I find it ?

mete by Senior
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PWM generation TIM1 CH1N

I am trying to generate a regular PWM signal using TIM1 CH1N on the STM32-F411RE (pin PA7). I've seen a few posts on generating PWM using the advanced timers but nothing has seemed to work. The code below is the automatically generated code called in...

ctd962 by Associate
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STM32F405 GPIO pin

As shown above picture, I got my STM32F405 configured as open drain to drive the led that is connected.Also, the same pin connected to via hex inverted (74HCS04D) to invert it and connected to OR gate. But when the GPIO pin in reset (low) state volta...

cjaya.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Timer synchronization

Hello Everyone i am using stm32G031J6 Microcontroller. I want to generate a PWM signal from Timer 1 working as slave in gated mode, that has a pulse width = 10us and pulse period = 44us  In this microcontroller i am using Timer 3 as a Master which ha...

PAN12 by Associate II
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Ping not work on STM32L475 ETH

Hi, I'm trying to get the ethernet interface to work on an STM32H745. After fixing various hardware problems, now I don't just have software problems.I created a simple project with CubeMX, basically I did these things:- Enabled ethrmnet interfaces- ...

FMass.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Good options to store public key in stm32h753

Hi, I am using a stm32h753 controller for my project, in which I need to store public key which could be updated during runtime. Is there any way I could store it inside the controller securely? Also do the stm32h753's flash has OTP? I could not find...

aswath by Associate II
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