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STM32L0 Current Drive for GPIO in STOP 0

Hello:Hoping to find out the answer to a question that I cannot find in the data sheet for the part. What is the the drive current used to keep a GPIO pin enabled (SET) while in STOP 0? Page 65 of the data sheet indicates a value of 2.5uA/MHz in ran...

STM32H743 - NUCLEO SPI-DMA not working - always busy

I have attached my sample project with STM32H7!AuUAN7PWAxFS8l9pJ-mzXLp1vpXc?e=oFnJSXIn short, The basic function HAL_SPI_Transmit(&hspi1, aTxBuffer, 2, 1) work fine but it took a long time.For that reason, I tried to use HAL_SPI_Tr...

DPham.2 by Associate II
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Moving SystemClock_Config Causes Strange Erros

I know this is a vague question, but it's a very strange problem I'm facing. My application (based on STM32G0) is working fine. I used CubeMX to autogenerate all the code, and have been building on top of it. Now I am looking to clean things up a bit...

Konami by Senior
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