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Use one DMA channel with 2 different IPs ?

Hello.The project I am actually working on uses several peripherals such as USART ADC SPI etc. I am trying to use as much DMA as I can, but there is something that I miss in the reference manual and on the internet.Can I use ONE channel with TWO stre...

Aahai.1 by Associate
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PWM not working?

Hi.This is a really simple question but I don't seem to be able to figure out the problem. I was trying to generate a PWM output (using Timer 2 CH1) on my blue pill board but nothing appears on PA0 after I upload the code.Edit: I am referring to this...

M7890.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! incorrect nand id stm32h7

Hi everyone First time i read the nand ID with fmc it was all good.It was 0x2c 0xF1 0x80 that the micron told.But some times it couldnt read the id and it was all 0xff.Now when i read the id, i get two different ids.first ox2c 0x1 0x2 0x3 and sometim...

DMA transmit/receive on lpuart1

I'm using the NUCLEO-H753ZI dev board and have been testing various tx/rx reception modes using HAL routines with RTOS for all the available uarts. I have them all working well except lpuart1. When I try to receive or transmit in DMA mode I get no in...

How to make Metal detector using STM32 MCU.

I want to make metal detector circuit using STM32 for material shorting specification of circuit is given below.It can detect ferrous and non ferrous both out put hi when metal object detected.It can show detected piece area.It is capab...