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Resolved! STM32L010C6Tx Sleep Mode

Hi. I am using STM32L010C6Tx. I want my microprocessor to sleep for 10 seconds after processing. I want to use Sleep Mode. I don't have any interrupt pins. I want it to wake up after 10 seconds. How can I do?

ZKURT.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Is there a way to make SPI NSS hardware output produce a steady state low without NSSP during SPI transaction without manual config and toggle of CSN GPIO?

Interface of STM32L476RG to TI CC1200 SPI. Using MCU registers with NSS produces short acceptable CSN to clock start interval but I cannot get rid of the high pulse between frames which causes the CC1200 to malfunction. Manually configuring and toggl...

0693W00000JOD90QAH.png 0693W00000JOD9UQAX.png 0693W00000JOD9yQAH.png
EMarv.1 by Associate II
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STM32G071: TIM1+PWM+DMA 2nd pulse looks strange

Hi,I'm trying to talk to WS2812 RGB Leds. I'm using TIM1 CH3 PWM Output with DMA. Everything looks almost fine. I'm always sending the same data using:HAL_TIM_PWM_Start_DMA (&htim1, TIM_CHANNEL_3, (uint32_t *) pwmData, (24 * NUM_OF_LEDS) + 50);Here p...

Mischa by Associate II
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ADC and DMA Discovery Board F412 - cant get it to work

Hi all,I have two pins where I want to read in the voltage with ADC: PA5 and PA7.Reading in each at its own with polling works fine.Now I want to read them in both and continously. I understand that the right way to go is DMA, contonious mode and sca...

SSchu.4 by Associate II
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