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Resolved! I'm trying to create my own GPIO API using LL library on STM32F4. When declaring GPIO port I get warning: initialization of 'long unsigned int' from 'GPIO_TypeDef *' {aka 'struct <anonymous> *'} makes integer from pointer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]

Hey, I create some enums and struct to declare specific pin settings. In .h file I create these struct and enums:typedef enum { ePin_Led_Stat=0, ePin_Led_GPS_Fix, ePin_USART1_Tx, ePin_USART1_Rx, ePin_USART2_Tx, ePin_USART2_Rx,   ePin_Name_Last} ...

DSimp.1 by Associate III
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How to get the ADC identifier when using DMA?

Hi!!I am using a STM32F4 Discovery board. I am using the ADC1 and ADC2, both with DMA. I need the conditional to know which ADC was the one that finished reading data. I tried if(hadc->Instance == ADC1) but it only works when DMA is not used.Could yo...

LSoll.1 by Associate II
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A question about WiFi with STM32H7

Hello,I would like to use WiFi in a DIY project with STM32H743, in which I design hardware and software completely myself.I am therefore looking for a simple solution that is supported by the STM32Cube (middleware) on the software side and can be eas...

Resolved! Can stm32l4p5 use Word FLASH Program Type ?

Hello,According to my research, i cant find word flash program type for stm32l4p5 mcus. There are three diffrent types(DOUBLEWORD,FAST,FAST_AND_LAST). These types defined doubleword.Thank you for your help.

Eakyo.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! I2C not working on Mapped Pins, why?

Hello, I am using an STM32G061K6T (only MCU I could find in stock at the time) and I'm try to communicate with an EEPROM via I2C.I have the SCL and SDA mapped to PA9 and PA10, respectively with 3K3 Pull up resistors. SDA pin is pulled up and stays up...

MikeP by Associate III
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