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Resolved! Optimizing DFT for loop

Do you think that it is common for the function bellow (arraySize = 32) to take approximately 125us to execute? The for loop is the main problem as it takes almost 120us to execute.I am using STM32G474ret6u MCU, with clock at 170Mhz? Also the optimiz...

GHrib.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H7A3 LPUART and BDMA

I'm trying to get the LPUART working with BDMA on a STM32H7A3 MCU.  Eventually I'd like to set it up so the MCU goes into a low power state and wakes up when it receives a LF character match in the incoming message, but for now I'm just trying to get...

magene by Senior II
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STM32 HAL or LL functions without the timebase

Hi All, I am using the STM32H723 device and have used the HAL functions and they work but I find the SysTick or any timebase interrupts my code. Timing is critical; if the data from the serial port is interrupted by the SysTick interrupt, I lose data...

ENort.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! TIM2 on STM32F103RB board - how to set it up?

Hi, I have use MX to generate code for this timer.  The generated code is as follows: static void MX_TIM2_Init(void){ /* USER CODE BEGIN TIM2_Init 0 */ /* USER CODE END TIM2_Init 0 */ TIM_ClockConfigTypeDef sClockSourceConfig = {0};TIM_MasterConfigTy...

Resolved! How to set up IRAM1/IRAM2 in Keil with STM32H742VIT6?

Hello,I'm having weird problems with code crashing, perhaps related to how I have IRAM1/IRAM2 set up in my project:Looking in the reference manual, I see that the SRAM starting at 0x2000_0000 is the DTCM_RAM on TCM interface (data RAM?), the SRAM sta...

briankaz by Associate III
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Resolved! DAC output offset spec with output buffer enabled

Hi,Currently, we are facing an accuracy problem when using the built-in DAC on the STM32F407 (with buffer enabled). As the built-in reference voltage measured 2.0005V, we set the DOR to 0x800, expecting to get 1.25V on the DAC output. However, we act...

calvin by Associate III
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Resolved! Questions about G474 FDCAN

The FDCAN loopback test of G474 can enter the receive interrupt, but normally the two devices communicate with each other, and when one of the devices is used to debug, it is found that the interrupt cannot be entered。