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STM32CubeMX 6.11.0 released

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.11.0 is available. What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.11.0? New MCUs series : STM32U0 (STM32U083xx/73xx/31xx), STM32H7RS (STM32H7R7xx/H7R3xx/H7S3xx/H7S7xx) and STM32H5 (STM32H533/H...

CubeMX file import disabled

I am trying to use one of the STM32G examples for a USB device. The example is for STM32G474-EVAL and I would like to try it on Nucleo-G431KB.Following the instructions I found I have created a new CubeMX project, I did NOT make any changes to the co...

SidPrice by Associate III
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CubeMX 安装时候报错

CubeMX 安装时候报错错误:找不到或无法加载主类com,st,stm32cubeide,commonservices,mxjar.core,mx,main,SelflnstalJar原因: java ana,ClassNotFoundException: stm32cube.ide,,,main,SelflnstalJai安装最新的java8u391会报错,我试了很多个发现jdk21可以安装,但是安装过程中会报上述错误,打...

Zhiyi by Associate
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Resolved! CubeMX generate code made my code disppear

I am using the Wireless Connectivity software pack, which automatically generates Wi-Fi and bluetools code files. Due to specific requirements, I have made some modifications to parts of the code files and configured additional pins using CubeMX's IO...

Resolved! LINKEDLIST: incomplete generated code

When code for LINKEDLIST for STM32U575 will be generated (linked_list.c) with STM32CubeMX 6.9.2 several lines are missing. In the attached ioc file (which is only for illustrating the effect) the commands for e.g. setting DMA_DEST_DATAWIDTH_BYTE are ...

FB1 by Associate II
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Hi,I am trying to figure out to make HRTIM burst DMA working. I want to update timer period, compare1, compare2, and compare 3 registers by using burst DMA. There is not much information about this. There are two postings in the community posted seve...

0693W00000HqpNIQAZ.png 0693W00000HqpMjQAJ.png 0693W00000HqpMyQAJ.png 0693W00000HqpNNQAZ.png
JRyu.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Missing MPU initialization function

Hi there! I just would like to report that enabling the MPU for the M7 core on my NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q, CubeMX (6.9.2, with H7 package version 1.11.1) generates 2 functions:MPU_Initialize() andMPU_Config(). While the second one is declared and defined in ...

iTTy by Associate III
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Pin naming export

Hello,I tried exporting the symbol for STM32F733IET6 along with the pin naming through stm32cubemx(V6.10.0) but all i get is empty boxesI am using kicad v7. It's not a kicad problem because i've imported symbols recently with no issues.  Am i doing s...

cube.png kicad.png
abdullaq by Associate
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