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Resolved! STM32 for medical use.

We need STM32 MCU types for use in medical instruments. Does ST have Medical grade STM32 MCU's? It must be recommended for new design with long life time.

MCUpwr by Associate III
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Hi all, I am back with another problem!! I am using timer 2 in 103C8 controller for 0.1 Sec time delay. However, it is generating 5 times the calculated delay. My initialization code for this delay is given below. Timer interrupt is enabled.

htim2.Init.Prescaler = 1000;htim2.Init.CounterMode = TIM_COUNTERMODE_UP;htim2.Init.Period = 7200;htim2.Init.ClockDivision = TIM_CLOCKDIVISION_DIV1;htim2.Init.AutoReloadPreload = TIM_AUTORELOAD_PRELOAD_ENABLE;However if I change the prescaler to 200, ...

Nucleo-L432KC program not starting

Hello, I'm new on this forum.Last time I bought Nucleo-L432KC board. I have very strange issue with flashing binary. I created simple project in STM32CubeMX for blinking LED every 1 second. I use this command to flash:st-flash --reset write blink.bin...

DD.14 by Associate II
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Resolved! Can the STM32L4 transmit and receive USART over DMA?

Hello, I am inquiring about USART communication using DMA. I am following tutorial using the low level drivers for a STM32L432. I have reception working with no troubles and I believe my interrupts are be...

ABicc.1 by Associate
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I am trying to read 3 ADC channels via DMA. One weird thing happen: if I use a breakpoint on the line of the readings, I get the correct values from the ADC. If I don't use a breakpoint, the values are always 0 or random. Can you help me ?

I tried using delays, but they don't solve the problem. Data are retrieved using HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc1, value, DATA_LENGTH) HAL_ADC_Stop_DMA(&hadc1);here below my intialization and function:void MX_ADC1_Init(void){    ADC_ChannelConfTypeDef sConf...

LScar.1 by Associate
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