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I am looking the STM32L443CC Datasheet (DS11421 Rev 5 October 2019) and trying to figure out how you come up with the values for Table 66 Rain.

Doing my due diligence, I did find someone else asked the question in 2019 but there was no response. it did show was the equation, but not where he found it, and no description of...

0693W00000WJFeqQAH.png 0693W00000WJFdsQAH.png

RAM code while erasing flash

Hi all,I'm trying to execute some code in interrupt mode (blinking a LED) while the MCU (STM32H725) is erasing a flash sector (obviously that is not used by the application). I've moved the vector table to RAM (0x240000000) and also the ISR function,...

Does anyone in the world have any information on how to get access to the "STPay-Topaz-Bio" biometric-enable cards? Do they exist? Is this yet more ST vapourware?

Ever time, I mean EVERY time I read an interesting link from ST about new tech, EVERYTIME it links to a product nobody has in stock, there are no reference designs, no support, no stock, no evaluation kits.This is such an inefficient way to operate a...

Multi Slave I2C Connection guidance

Hello,I have one master and multiple slave devices for I2C Connections.So, my Query is that;I am connecting series resistors after the Pull up Resistors on SDA SCL lines,Now the query is that should I connect those Series Resistors at only Master sid...

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