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H7 ADC Gapping - Voids in the digital output

Hardware: H750 Revision VPeripheral in Question: ADC 1 and 3Capture rate: 860HzADC Kernel Clock: 2MhzChannels Converted: 5ADC Conversion overlap: NOTransfer Protocol: DMAADC Conversion Trigger: TIMWe are using ADC 1 and 3 to capture analog pressure s...

0693W00000WJuqEQAT.jpg 0693W00000WJuq9QAD.jpg 0693W00000WJG9yQAH.jpg 0693W00000WJG9jQAH.jpg
PWalt.2 by Associate II
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Using external ram as heap space

Hello,I am working on a project with an STM32H753 Microcontroller and I have an external SDRAM 32 mbyte connected to the MCU via FMC. I want to use the SDRAM as default heap space. This because I want cJSON library use this memory space for dynamic a...

SEfte.1 by Associate II
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looking for help with a pwm

I have this code that bring a line up for 5us and down for 20. I want to invert it. I thought the first part of the code was a time base loop and the second was also a timer base loop. but one setting effects the other. If I use htim4.Init.Period = 2...

ulao by Associate III
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Resolved! Erasing a Flash Page of STM32L4R5 doesn’t work

I'm trying to erase a Flash Page of from my firmware Application with STM32L4R5 using the function 'HAL_FLASHEx_Erase()'. The Application Presence Key is stored in this page. It needs to be erased by the Application to activate the Bootloader (this i...

Shadow by Associate II
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Not Blinking Ld3 anymore

I use STM32GO1291. when I was debugging I got an error (its picture attached in below ) also my LD3 is not blinking anymore. is microcontroller damaged or there is some other things wrong? why it isn't blinking anymore when I plug!

MFara.4 by Associate III
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