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Resolved! STM32F767 SAI SPDIF Output, NODIV and Clock Generator

STM32F767 SAI SPDIF Output, NODIV and Clock GeneratorWhen NODIV bit is set in SAIx->CR1, the SPDIF output frequency is as it should be.Example:clock in is 25.6 MHz, sampling rate is 200 kHz, factor is 128, as it should with "symbol rate" (2 channels ...

LCE by Principal
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LL Low Layer SPI interrupt

Hi,I´m trying to transmit (send only) 3 bytes with the SPI using interrupts, and deassert the chip select line from an interrupt routine that should be triggered when the transmission ends.The line 11 (// more stuff here ...), doesn't run immediately...

DAlvarez by Associate II
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STM32F7 Bus Fault with address in nowhere-land

Heyho,after having found the PHY problem I can stream some audio via TCP.But when I don't get the data out fast enough (e.g. TCP ACK takes too long so that there would be a buffer overflow), I stop the transfer and send some UART messages.Without hav...

LCE by Principal
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Where is my problem to read ADC value (STM32F407VG)?

Hello,I want to read 8 bit ADC value from ADC2(PA1 pin) and use it to control a LED which is connected to DAC1(PA4 pin). I wrote a code(using registers) as below, however, I cannot read the ADC value(I tested it on STM Studio). Where is my problem? T...

csara.1 by Associate
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FP-AI-VISION - SDCARD format or not working?

I have the latest FP-AI-VISION-1, the 747i-DISCO and the BCAM board. I can see the image, but cannot storen anything to a SDCARD. I tried an SDCard that is readable in the original 747i-DISCO demo code, so at least the interface and card seem to work...