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Erasing a page of flash on STM32L476RG

Hello everybody,I'm working on an STM32L476RG. For the moment, I'm using a nucleo-476RG board.I'm trying to write and read some data in the flash memory.I'm trying to write at the address : 0x080FF800 (first address of last page of the memory).I do t...

fab04 by Associate II
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malloc or calloc allocation on stm32. I store some strings with calloc allocation and display that strings on the api text box. strings seems to be showing static on the api text box.Outputing strings are dynamic to be display on api text box.

Its the same strings showing on api text box. It does not change. But when I debug it I can see it changing and display on api (application interface) text box. Any idea about this?

cjaya.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! CAN Communication: Baud Rate Configuration

Hello,I have read the reference manual but the terminology used in the .ioc file and the reference manual do not align, so I am getting confused. I am using the STM32H7B3I-EVAL evaluation board, which uses a STM32H7B3LIH6Q MCU. According to the datas...

0693W00000UoNDcQAN.png 0693W00000UoNEaQAN.png
KMew by Senior III
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STM32F303 HAL ISR being called twice

Hello!I am writing a program in which I am controlling a ST32F303 MCUs DAC1 and DAC2, thru a USB port, via LabView. The LabView part sends a data string containing the following "1,4095". The one implicates which DAC I am trying to control(in this ca...

BČern.1 by Associate
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Resolved! External Ram interfacing with stm32

As I have been developing a printer, therefore I need fast external ram to store all the data at once and then retrieve the data from the ram to the printer board. I have used the FIFO memory but that's not enough for the data. As I need a minimum 64...

SAMIN.1 by Associate III
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