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Resolved! stm32g431 boot 0 pb8

how disable boot 0 pin8 i used this pin for input make problem to boot from flash how can disable any condition mcu boot from flash not check this pin when reset

How is CAN message RAM initialized/zeroed on STM32H7?

I have the problem that the CAN message RAM which is allocated for the acceptance filters is not zeroed out on startup.The part of the CAN message RAM allocated for acceptance filter seems to just be random data which means that usually no CAN frames...

Trying to do an encoder with an FSM

Hello, right now im trying to do an encoder as a project for my digital electronics class. I've done it in two different ways, by functions and by switch cases, and neither seem to work. I have to make it so every time a switch of states ocurr within...

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When does FLASH lose data


qli.3 by Associate
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How to know what cause Error_Handler?

Often trip to Error_Handler from usb_device.c and usbd_conf.c.void Error_Handler(void){ /* USER CODE BEGIN Error_Handler_Debug */ /* User can add his own implementation to report the HAL error return state */ __disable_irq(); while (1) { } /* USER CO...