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STM32H7 DAC External Trigger on Falling Edge

Hi,I would like the apply the DAC values of my STM32H723 together with an external event (external trigger). This event is a falling edge. Is this possible at all? The problem is: No matter how I configure the EXTI line (falling or rising), the DAC v...

FFunk.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Exception Handler

i try to crash my code to check the watchdog timer is reseting the code or not. for crashing my code i use timer interrupt. i.eTIM2_IRQHandler(){---------------;---------------;}TIM_IRQHandler() instead of TIM2_IRQHandler . so, code will be crash at ...

Resolved! Flash Memory: OCTOSPI feature with Quad SPI Flash

Hello,I am using the STM32H7B3LIH6Q with a MX25U51245GMI00 flash memory. The flash is only capable of using Quad SPI, not Octo SPI. If I wanted to use it, do I just use the Dual-Quad SPI mode in CubeMX to utilize it? Or would it not work at all?Also,...

KMew by Senior III
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bh1750 sensor i2c poll method working fine but i2c DMA method not working with attached code . will DMA only transfer the value to global variable ?

  #include "newblue_bh1750.h"     I2C_HandleTypeDef *bh1750_i2c; // Handler to I2C interface   bh1750_mode Bh1750_Mode; // Current sensor mode uint8_t Bh1750_Mtreg; // Current MT register value   void BH1750_Init(I2C_HandleTypeDef *hi2c) { bh1...

MMARI.1 by Senior
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12 one time pulse timer ?

Hello !I need to create 12 (separately triggered pulse trains for thristors) one time pulse timers. (one pulse train consists of approx 10 pulses with approx 10us wide) Many stm32s only have 2 or 3 timers with RCR ( one pulse timer with repetition c...

OYoru.1 by Associate II
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