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Drive NOR flash with FMC using stm32L496 controller

I needed help getting started with Stm32 L496 processor interface with IS29GL064 nor flash mem.  It's my first time interfacing with any external memory. I have decided to use FMC controller to drive this flash mem. But unaware of how to setup the co...

KMINH.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to enable the HAL_UARTEx_RxEventCallback function.

Hi, I am using cubeMx generate the STM32F302VE project, which for receiving the usart1 date by DMA circual mode.My config as below:enable DMA, but disable DMA interrupt;enable USART1, and enable UART_IT_IDLE;Now, the project can enter the "USART1_IRQ...

Junde by Senior
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Mems gyrometre used in STM32F429 discovery board

Dear ST community Hello,I want to use the gyro-meter on the the STM32F discovery board and communicate on SPI,I am using the default configuration with cubeIDE and I have a question in Cude Mx graphical interface.After generating the code using Cube ...

Resolved! STM32C031C6 Timer confusion

The code below links Timer1 in master mode to Timer3 in slave mode producing a 4 second toggle on PB8 and it works correctly.My question is I'm not able to follow the flow of the signal in the Timer chart below the code.If someone would show me the s...

MHank.1 by Associate III
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PWM Input Issue on CH3 & CH4 of any timer - STM32F091CC

Hello,I am having some problems with Timer Capture/PWM InputThe target device will be an STM32F091CC, however my test device for this function is an STM32F030K6I'm trying to input 3 different PWM devices but I have limited access to certain pins as t...

Popcorn by Associate II
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virtual EEPROM parameters

I am trying to implement a virtual EEPROM on an STM32G0B1 Some simple implementations exist but i rather use the formal ST as described in: question, what are the guidelines for the START_P...

rcohe.1 by Associate II
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