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Resolved! Boot0 Pin issue in STM32L051

What would happen to the microcontroller if during running normally then suddenly the boot_0 pin switched to high?in my case and due some voltage spike the boot_0 pin state switched to high for very short time nano seconds. most of the time its ok bu...

MSale.1 by Senior
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Resolved! QSPI Initialization AutoPolling timeout without BSP

Working with the STM32H747i-Eval board with a touchGFX application. Need the QSPI for assets and not wanting to use the BSP due to wanting to have more control over clock speeds and pinout configuration.I'm in need of some more experienced advice whe...

Resolved! Release Firmware vs. Debug Firmware Behaving Differently

I have noticed lately that when switching between my release and debug build configurations that the code behaves differently. Looking at the Project Build Settings the only difference I see between the two is the Release GCC and G++ compilers are op...

Jaboop by Associate II
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Error: Activating device: KO. Please, verify the boot mode configuration and check the serial port configuration. Reset your device then try again...

I am using stm32f103c8t6 with uart cable to connect it with stm32 cube programmer but come up the statement above. Any suggestion to fix this problem?14:12:16 : Serial Port COM3 is successfully opened. 14:12:16 : Port configuration: parity = even, ba...

yying.1 by Associate
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DMA Mode change source Increment address

ILI9341 SPI display running on an L5 processor on a custom board.In a never ending quest to make the display go faster, I've split off the generic write image from the generic fill block.Since the high level drivers work with any type of display, all...

stm32h747i-disco gpio GPIO_MODE_AF_PP function

If i configure D1 pj8 as tx for uart8,D0 pj9 as rx for uart8.When i conect to led directly D0(rx) could let led on but D1(txno in this case should be right ?Both pin with GPIO_MODE_AF_PP//PULLUPstatic void MX_GPIO_Init(void) {  GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_...

wjian.2 by Associate II
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Compiler Error - Syntax error

I wondering if anyone help me I have noticed on some of my STM32CUBEIDE projects I get the below error message :-make: *** [makefile:84: default.size.stdout] Error 2make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....c:/st/stm32cubeide_1.12.1/stm32cubeide/plugi...

Linkpad by Associate III
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STM32F042 sometimes hans upon NVIC_SystemReset()

Hi,One out of 10/15/20 times, STM32F042 MCU in my application hangs upon NVIC_SystemReset(). Any idea on what could be the reason ? Some more info :-BOOT0 is directly connected to ground. In CUBEMX, nothing was set for that pin.- I removed the extern...

Resolved! STM32 clock switching, systick

Hello, I have a simple question: What is the way to update the SysTick configuration after changing the clocks at runtime? I am switching SYSCLK between two modes:1) RUN mode: HSE 32 MHZ2) LPRUN mode: MSI 2 MHZAfter changing to (2), the HAL_GetTick()...

MHast.1 by Associate II
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