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STM320L0 I2C timing issue?

I'm working on a board with a STM32L010K.For some reason, I can't get the I2C code to work properly. I mean it works (data gets read from the slave) but not if a lot of things are done in succession, then a hard fault is thrown.Below is the block rea...

The strange GPIO pullup output voltage

I tried 3 boards F407vet6 x2 and F427 x1.I found both pullup and pulldown gpio output in PP and OD will put a low voltage. 20mV in down and 50 mv in up.This situation is based on the stdperiph-LibHowever, use the Hal-Lib to implement the gpio output,...

Rian by Associate
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STM32H7 USB Audio as USB device class

Hi everyone,in my latest PRJ, i had to run some arbitrary waveforms. The idea was to connect my STM32H7 to the host and configure it as USB audio device. As far as good...the problem is that i had to drive 60kSps (16Bit). So since i've read on the X-...

Internal JTAG on STM32

Hello all together! Does anybody know if an internal JTAG device is integrated on the STM32H562 oder STM32H563?In my case, I need to implement the functionality to flash an external microcontroller over the STM32 chip itself.That would mean, I have a...

Low power on STM32L4 series using RTOS

I've been trying to implement low power modes on an STM32 L496 (Nucleo board) while using RTOS. I've tried with both freeRTOS and ThreadX. I followed official ST articles/tutorials and the lowest I got so far has been ~250 uA.  So, has anyone been ab...

Ans by Associate III
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SPI CS unable to pull to high initally

Hi I m using STM32H7 for SPI transmit & receive, the code is working and able to transmit 2 byte successfully as seen from scope, but the inital CS pin was unable to set to high from .ioc. CS = PA4 and set to GPIO output level HIGH and max output spe...

CS not lo.jpg

Resolved! Confusion in understating the FLASH STRUCTURE OF M4

Hii thereI am using STM32F410RB (M4). it has a flash of 128 KB divided into following 4  sectorsMy query is that I want to store and retain some non-volatile data in the flash. We can use the last few pages of the flash for this purpose. I have come ...

skuma.8 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G030C8T6 update via UART

Hi ,We are using the STM32G030C8T6 ,we are looking for a way to update the FW via UART during normal working of our system without changing the IO status during the update .It seems that it jumt to the bootloader and all the IO's become defualt stae....

Aviam19 by Associate
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