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Resolved! STM32L552CC program counter after bank swapping

Hello, I'm using a STM32L552CCT6. For firmware update I want to use the dual flash bank functionality of the controller.When switching the flash banks with the option bit SWAP_BANK in register FLASH_OPTR what happens to the program counter? Is he als...

dost by Associate II
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Missing HRTIM specification for STM32H742/3

Hello,STM32H742/3 datasheet April 2021 DS12110 Rev 8 does not list a HRTIM specifications as e.g. STM32G474 datasheet DS12288 Rev 6 does in section  5.3.16 High-resolution timer (HRTIM). Please provide the data. Best regards 

Resolved! STM32h573 read OTP

Hello,I'm trying to read the OTP flash form my application but I get a hardfault.Is there a read protection or something like that? Here is a code snippet:#define FLASH_START_ADDRESS 0x08FFF000 int main(void) { HAL_Init(); uint32_t* flash_da...

CHeck.1 by Associate II
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EEPROM in STM32H7 series

Hi, Greetings.Could you kindly confirm whether STM32 H5 and STM32H7 series have inbuilt EEPROM availability?From the datasheets of these series, I could not find EEPROM functionality specifically mentioned.Kindly confirm if there is an efficient alte...

STM32L496ZG MPU test

Hello, I'm trying to implement a MPU test on a STM32L496ZG MCU that will be part of some self-tests in our application. The MPU is working as expected and an interrupt occurs when I try to write to a protected memory region. But now I need to "catch"...

JBiVTSU by Associate
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HelloI am new with using STM MCU's (STM32G474RET6) and encounter very strange reset behavior.In my application reset of the MCU can be done in 3 different ways. 1. Hardware reset - by pressing on button.2. Software reset - by executing NVIC_SystemRes...

AlexHalf by Associate III
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error code-38 when starting FD-CAN

Hi,I'm trying to transmit some data using FD-CAN but HAL_FDCAN_Start() function returns error code 38. I have taken reference from STM32H743-EVAL kit example.I have configured same as mentioned there. But still i couldn't figure out the issue behind...

VPras by Associate II
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Regarding project creation in STM32Cube IDE

This is regarding a new project creation in STM32Cube IDE. I selected STM32U585CITx MCU. After project creation it showed me the following dialog box as shown in the screenshot attached.Please help how to proceed.Screenshot of FirmwareUpdater issue

RRR by Associate
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