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IrDA is not working at low system clock

Hello All, I am working on a custom desing board having STM32L053C8T6. It uses IrDA setup for the communication. I have setup the MCU at 131KHz as System clock to achieve Low power consumption (currently 65uA). Now i need to communicate with the PC u...

Sakaz by Associate
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STM32H7 on simulink

I'm using matlab for debugging my stm32H7xx Nucleo board for blinking the LED. Everything is done but I'm having an issue while selecting the code generation system target file(Not getting the option of stm32.tlc instead getting ert.tlc) how to fix t...

VipulG by Associate
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Resolved! STM32U5xx: SPI3 slave fails at 80 MHz

I use OCTOSPI as SPI master and listen via SPI3 as Slave (in SW NCS mode) what was sent from master.SPI3 Slave fails for clock speed 80 MHz (larger as 54 MHz:(Symptoms:the data bytes on SPI3 slave are wrong (they look like shifted by one bit)running ...

tjaekel by Senior III
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VBAT and Power Controll

Hi.I made a custom board using stm32f767connect Coincell (CR1220) to VBAT and turn it off, I think I'm going into some modeSometimes it does not go into the main when the power is turned on again, and the battery life is short when the power is turne...

Octo83 by Associate
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Resolved! USB HS problem when enable DMA for video stream

Hi,i created a project to connect the STM32F407VGTX by USB High Speed to a PC. It is enumerated as a Camera in the device manager. When start the windows camera app or VLC the videostream (Format MJPEG 400x240 pixel) starts. I use two picture toggeli...

MKing by Associate III
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ADC stability

"I used the STM32F746ZG to read the current from an ACS712 sensor, but the problem is that the ADC is not stable. I tried using an STM32F466RE to measure the same current, and this time the ADC is stable. I don't understand why, despite the ADC chara...

kkhli.1 by Associate III
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