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HID issue with multiple report id

Hi Everyone,I am currently using STM32F103 for making a usb hid which acts as both, a keyboard and a gamepad.Please take a look at the descriptor and code below.Both of these work properly when used individually but when I combine them both and add r...

aksh3101 by Associate
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ExT interrupt not firing.

we are using EXTI1 interrupt in our project based on stm32f446. But the Interrupt handler is not firing.We looked into the interrupt enable registers, Mask registers, etc and all seems fine and a timer interrupt also in the project, which is triggeri...

KumarTP by Associate II
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Resolved! Avoid cross-effects between the LC sensors

Hi all,I'm using application note AN4636 for LC sensor.I tested with the example source code, and they work well for one sensor.But when I use multiple sensors, I face an issue. If I use the same value for inductor and capacitor for each sensor, the ...

phoungvd by Associate II
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Single ADC Reading with Multiple DMA Channels

Hi,Is it possible to have a single ADC result transferred to two different memory locations using DMA without CPU intervention?Specifically I want DMA to take a single reading from an ADC, transfer it to one location on the STM32H747 CM4 and another ...

slc2015 by Associate II
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STM32G491KCU6: Unable to program via UART1

Hello,I'm trying to program G491KCU6 board via UART1 and I'm not able to connect to st-programmer. I don't know whether the board is actually entering Boot0 or not. I have PB8 with 10K to GND and I pull it up during connection to enter Boot0. Below i...


Trouble with SDRAM and STM32F469

Hi all!I am struggling to couple STM32F469ZGT6 (running at 180 MHz) with SDRAM type IS42S16160J-6TL from ISSI (datasheet here: ).SDRAM is organized in 4 banks, each having 8192 rows x 512 columns x ...

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ELowe by Associate III
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