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how CAN memory works?

Hello everyone i am using CAN bus to connect two stm32 boards, i would like to know does anyone of you know how does the CAN memory works? is it DMA or what exactly? i couldn't manage to find anyuthing on the internet and i really hope one of you can...

SGUIG.1 by Associate II
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Data transfer between CAN bus and DMA on Hal stm32F4

hello everyone, i would like to know how can i transfer data from CAN Bus to DMA memory on stm32f4 board on HAL Library?  also i want to make sure that the CAN access memory is it DMA or somethign else?can you please explain to me how? or if you hav...

SGUIG.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Rx lane not receiving

Hello, I try to make an UART communication between Nucleo STM32F030RE and a STM32F030K6 mounted on a custom pcb.sends from NUCLEO to STM32F030K6 is OKReceive from STM32F030K6 is ok sends from STM32F030K6 to NUCLEO is OK (i can check it and decode tha...

JGreg.2 by Associate III
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SDRAM configuration for 216MHz sysclk.

Hello, with a STM32F7508-DK board, all examples using SDRAM have the sysclk to 200MHz, therefore the FMC clock to 100MHz.I am trying to enable sysclk = 216MHz, and FMC = 108MHz, so I followed the SDRAM user manual, and configured the following settin...

VVasi.1 by Associate II
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STM32L4 External SRAM problem

HiI am working with a STM32L496G_Discovery board and Cube IDEI am having problems with the external ram. I have called BSP_SRAM_Init();and defined an array in that ram spacefloat testInput[TEST_LENGTH_SAMPLES] __attribute__((section("._myvars")));In ...

Division by zero exception flag not set in STM32H7 FPU

I'm digging into the FPU of a STM32H743 (Nucleo board, Keil IDE).I've checked that the FPU is enabled in register CPACR.I've compiled the following dumb code:volatile double test = 0;   test = 1.0 / test;If I look at the assembly I've got:VDIV.F64 d0...

Gpeti by Senior II
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